Our brand is all about providing our customers with the best value in technology solutions and being our customers' most responsive partner.”

Contact Mark MalisMark Malis is QQ Solutions’ CEO and co-founder, as well as the original developer of the company's first Rating and Agency Management System (AMS) products. Mark has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance and software industries, including working as an agent for an insurance agency.

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Mark developed QQ Solutions’ original AMS, AutoFile, in a computer science class while attending the University of Florida. At the time, the initiative was intended for a senior class project, but after his father’s insurance agency implemented the system, the response was overwhelming. Upon graduating UF with his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer & Information Engineering, Mark continued to advance the AMS, and sell it to other insurance agencies.

Under Mark’s leadership, QQ Solutions has become one of the top solutions providers in the Independent Insurance agency market, with more than 22,000 users nationwide. Without any outside funding, he has led QQ Solutions to increased revenue growth every year for the past 25 years since its founding.

Mark has also focused on creating a positive work environment, with bagel Fridays, team lunches, birthday celebrations, as well as supporting the “QQ Fun Zone” – a group of employees who create events to foster teamwork and camaraderie.

Mark runs the company with his wife Candace, who helps with strategic planning, operational management, marketing and finance.

Outside of work, Mark and Candace enjoy spending time with their son, Jake.

We are focused on developing innovative, robust and secure software solutions for the independent insurance agency community.”

Jim joined QQ Solutions in June 2013 and is responsible for software development of QQ Solutions’ agency management systems. Jim has 18 years of experience leading teams and developing software. He has been responsible for the design, development and implementation of software being used by over 80,000 customers in the medical, dental and veterinary industries.

Jim has designed award-winning software packages recognized by both peer groups and user groups as the most innovative and cutting edge in their industries. He has served as a voting member on committees for the standardization of medical diagnostic imaging and on the curriculum advisory board for two college Computer Science departments.

Jim attended Lakeland Community College and the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Jim holds multiple certifications as a developer, systems architect and technical trainer.

In his spare time, Jim enjoys spending time with his wife of over 22 years, Kim, and their sons, Jeremy and Brandon. His hobbies include playing music, writing a technical blog and enjoying the restaurants of South Florida.

I have passion for our customers' success and aim at exceeding their expectations every day”

Doris joined QQ Solutions in November 2009. In her role as Director of National Sales, Doris is responsible for leading the QQ Solutions sales organization and helping to grow the Company’s base of insurance agencies subscribing to its agency management and comparative rating solutions.

Doris brings to QQ Solutions over seventeen years of experience as a sales manager and top sales performer with several leading companies, including: Pagenet, Verizon, Cingular/AT&T, G.Neil, and Ceridian Corporation. During her career, she has earned numerous sales awards, including President's Club.

Doris holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management.

In her free time, Doris enjoys spending quality time with her husband Erik, two sons, Carlos and Andrew and step-son, Evan.

Excellence in customer service is all about making a daily choice to be that person that causes the customer to smile as we work to resolve their problems.”

David joined QQ Solutions in 2011 and is responsible for all aspects of customer service including the product support call center, customer onboarding and training.

In his career, David has led technical training and product information teams, while working for technology companies such as Serena Software, Xerox Corporation and Teradyne.

David received his Master’s degree in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University and has a B.A. from Loyola College.

David loves reading and learning, mountains, rivers, oceans and even museums, hosting family and friends, as well as playing baseball and basketball with the kids. Most of all, David enjoys playing Scrabble, vacationing, dining out and being together with his wife, Esti.