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At QQ Solutions, we believe in the power of partnerships.

Business is built on relationships and we've developed relationships that helps us provide our customers with the very best service our industry has to offer. Our partnerships create new opportunity, expanding what we can offer our clients, and what our partners can offer to theirs.

QQ WebRater Supported Carriers

Binding & Bridging Partners

Check the links below for a list of companies that allow you to bridge quote and application information directly from QQ WebRater into the company's rating software. QQ WebRater is already set up for binding. Click on the company's link to start your bridge setup for the companies you rate with.

Active Florida Carriers

Active Texas Carriers

Active Texas Carriers

Company NameRTRManufacturedBridgesBinds
21st Century GA Limited
21st Century GA Select
ACCC Elect
ACCC General Agency
ACCC Preferred
Access General Agency LTD
Affirmative Choice 6
Affirmative Choice LTD
Affirmative Part LTD 1
Affirmative Part LTD 3
Affirmative Partner 1M
Affirmative Partner 3M
Aggressive Elite *
(Software Required)
Aggressive Select *
(Software Required)
AIS MAX Limited
AIS MAX Standard
AIS Preferred NDP
AIS Preferred STD
Alfa Specialty Ins Corp *
(Software Required)
Alfa Vision/Home State *
(Software Required)
American Access
American S/W Elite
AmWINS Amer SW (std/6mo)
AmWINS Choice (std/1mo)
AmWINS Excel (std/6mo) *
(Software Required)
AmWINS Partners (ltd/1m)
AmWINS Partners (ltd/6m)
AmWINS Unity (ltd/1mo)
AmWINS Value (ltd/6mo)
Anchor General Plus
Anchor General Value
Arrowhead Starr *
(Software Required)
AssuranceAmerica LTD
Carnegie Range
Connect Insurance
Continental Insurance LTD *
(Software Required)
Continental Insurance STD *
(Software Required)
Dairyland 2.0-1
Dairyland 2.0-6
EGI Auto *
(Software Required)
Falcon Insurance
Federated National *
(Software Required)
Federated National LTD *
(Software Required)
Foremost Insurance Group
Hallmark 123 *
(Software Required)
Hallmark 612 *
(Software Required)
Hallmark 612 (LTD) *
(Software Required)
Hawkeye LTD *
(Software Required)
Hawkeye STD *
(Software Required)
Imperial Semi-Annual
Infinity Deluxe
Infinity Economy
Kemper Specialty
Lindsay General *
(Software Required)
Lindsay SuperSaver *
(Software Required)
Lone Star MGA Maverick *
(Software Required)
Lone Star MGA Standard *
(Software Required)
Louis A. Williams
Louis A. Williams Limited
MAP of Texas *
(Software Required)
Mendota VP *
(Software Required)
Mercury County Mutual
Midlands of Texas - Ltd
Midlands of Texas - Std
Multi-State GA Select
Multi-State GA Value
Multi-State Insurance
Park Avenue *
(Software Required)
Patriot National
Personable - National Unity
Personable Insurance
Pronto General Agency *
(Software Required)
Safeco Ins. Company
Safeway Insurance
Select General Agency
Select General Limited
Star Canyon Elite *
(Software Required)
T.A.I.P.A. 01/11
Tejas Seguros *
(Software Required)
Tejas Seguros Elite *
(Software Required)
The General Non-Credit
Titan Insurance
Titan Insurance Lite
United Auto Limited
United Auto STD
Venture General (Ltd)
Vision 6 Month *
(Software Required)
Vision Monthly *
(Software Required)
Western General 3-Month
Western General 6-Month
Close Active Texas Carriers


American Agents Alliance The American Agents Alliance is a member-driven organization dedicated to serving the professional needs of independent agents and brokers, serving independent agents since 1966.

Brokers Insurance Group Our Mission is to be a valued partner for our member constituents who are dedicated to the profession of insurance. Our Vision, is to be the leading group in California by offering education, networking, and a voice for all brokers/agents in the Insurance Industry.

Florida Association of Insurance Agents Florida Association of Insurance Agents is dedicated to enhancing the independent agency system through education, legislation, communication, and FAIA Member Services.

Federation of Insurance Women of Texas Federation of Insurance Women of Texas celebrates 67 years in the Texas Insurance industry! With over 800 members, our nonprofit membership base includes insurance professionals throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

Insurance Pro Agencies Insurance Pro Agencies offers qualified agents the opportunity to own and operate an independent insurance agency and get directly appointed with dozens of excellent big name insurance companies. We have a “turn-key” program that can have you up and running within 30 days.

Independent Insurance Agents of Texas Independent Insurance Agents of Texas is a nonprofit organization of more than 1,880 independent property and casualty insurance agency members and 250 associate members from insurance companies, MGAs and other vendors of agency products.

The Iroquois Group The Iroquois Group has more than 1,800 member agencies of all shapes and sizes. Despite their diversity, each joined Iroquois® – without giving up their independence - for assistance with Market Optimization and strategies to increase revenue, profits and agency value.

The Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies The Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies was founded in Miami in 1969 to unite and serve as a voice for independent insurance agents. Today, it is a strong network comprised of members of various backgrounds and different roles in the industry, including agents, insurance firms and other companies.

Professional Insurance Agents of Florida The Professional Insurance Agents of Florida has helped agents in Florida succeed for over 65 years and we would like to help you as well. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best value in advocacy, education and information, all designed to help agents succeed.

Texas Professional Insurance Agents Professional Insurance Agents of Texas is dedicated to promoting professionalism within the insurance industry to benefit the community. National PIA is dedicated to the growth and perpetuation of its members as business professionals who meet the needs of consumers by marketing insurance products and services.

SIAA SIAA is dedicated to the creation, retention and growth of the Independent Insurance Agency distribution system. SIAA provides larger regional agencies with a proven turnkey program to allow the creation and development of a valuable network of local independent agencies.

Smart Choice | Marketing Group for Independent Agents Smart Choice® is a nationwide network of over 3,500 independent agencies and over 80 insurance carrier partners. Smart Choice® provides independent insurance agents with access to top-rated markets, product training, and sales and marketing support, and is the only no-fee program of its kind.

Specialty Agents Specialty Agents (SA) is a statewide membership association that provides advocacy, education, networking and service programs for its members. Building on 20 years of experience, SA continues to fight to preserve the industry from constantly changing and increasingly competitive markets, along with political and fiscal policies.

Western Insurance Agents Association The Western Insurance Agents Association (WIAA) is a nonprofit, 501(c).3 organization based in Rancho Cordova, California. WIAA serves thousands of independent agents and promotes and strengthens its members through advocacy, education, timely industry news, and agency growth opportunities. WIAA has been helping agents prosper since 1947. For more information, visit us on the Web at www.wiaagroup.org

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