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Migrating Data To Your New Agency Management System

When you’ve chosen an agency management system, the most important step after that is conversion. This is the process of converting your data from one vendor to another, ensuring that all of the precious and valuable data is safely moved … Continue reading

The Importance of Agency Management System Training

Switching to an agency management system can be a daunting task; mostly because agencies will be concerned with the amount of training required to onboard the staff with the new program. At QQSolutions, we are composed of experienced and talented … Continue reading

3 Common Mistakes When Using An Insurance Agency Management System

While insurance agency management systems are incredible at increasing productivity and efficiency, they must also be used properly to ensure the best possible outcomes. The switch from paper to paperless can be jarring, and without the proper training, the transition … Continue reading

Agency Management System FAQ

Placing your trust in an insurance agency management system can be difficult without knowing all of the facts. It’s perfectly normal for you to have numerous questions in regards to the software and how it’s going to boost your business … Continue reading

What Are 5 Key Things to Consider When Choosing Your Agency Management System?

The insurance industry is one that is built on weighing decisions constantly throughout each day. Every decision can make or break success with your clients, so you need to weigh the options accordingly. The infrastructure of your agency management system … Continue reading

Why Choose a Cloud Based Agency Management System?

As agencies grow and build themselves upward toward bigger and better opportunities, the amount of responsibilities grows with them. Duties, tasks, paperwork, all of it piles up as the business grows and new agents join the fold. The day to … Continue reading

Insurance Agency Management System For SMBs

As an SMB (small or medium business), your main goal is to maintain consistent growth and to stay in the running with larger competitors. With competitor agencies growing all around you, is possible you are spending much of your time … Continue reading

Five Agency Management System Innovations From QQCatalyst

All insurance agencies value the power of efficiency and innovation. Everyone in the industry can appreciate these characteristics in an agency management system. We appreciate them too.  That’s why we created QQCatalyst, to give a top-notch system that materializes those … Continue reading

APIs, Agency Management Systems, And The Cloud

  Most of us will agree that technology has allowed us to be more effective in business.  But technology can be scary for some, understandably so. The thought of switching to an agency management system may seem like a daunting … Continue reading

How QQ Solutions Can Improve Your Insurance Agency Management Operations

The future is digital. The days of paper and awkward filing systems are fading away and it is really for the best. It leaves space that can only be filled by cloud-based software –powered by QQSolutions. Insurance agency management is … Continue reading

Free Education On Insurance Agency Growth Strategies From The Leading Maker Of Agency Management Systems

We recently sponsored a roundtable discussion on insurance agency growth strategies hosted by industry expert John Fear. This is the first of many live webinar and education sessions coming up!  The insurance industry has made us very successful for more … Continue reading

The Benefits of Using Insurance Agency Software

Working in the insurance agency requires agents to be on point constantly. It’s a fast moving and very intense field. Before the dawn of modern technology, a lot of very complicated tasks and communications were relegated to multiple devices and much … Continue reading

Why All Agencies Need Software For Their Insurance Agents

No matter how quickly and efficiently an insurance agency functions, there’s always room for improvement. Increasing client demands are constantly bringing along new needs for innovation and intuitive processes. The phrase time is money is certainly applicable here. Luckily, technology provides software … Continue reading

Increase Efficiency With Insurance Agent Software

Technology evolving speed can be matched by the madness of working as an insurance agent. With countless clients, ACORD forms, and mountains of paperwork to handle, it could often seem impossible to keep up. If anything, the paperwork slows you … Continue reading

Productivity Software for Insurance Agents

As technology grows, the need for more integrated and efficient solutions grows with it. Productivity has become a higher priority than ever. Speed and efficiency are the two characteristics we want to hear when discussing software for insurance agents. We … Continue reading

Effective Software for Insurance Agents

The amount of paperwork and dedication required on a daily basis for insurance agents is nothing short of overwhelming. The job you perform is important and needed, but luckily there are ways to improve the productivity and efficiency of everything … Continue reading

What Are ACORD Forms?

In the field of insurance, there’s no arguing the amount of forms and paperwork that comes with the territory. Almost everything has a form or a document associated with it, which necessitates the need for a standardized approach. If everyone … Continue reading

What is The Best Insurance Agency Software?

The world is spiraling towards an all-digital age where the only time we use a paper and pen is when our tablet is dead and we need to write up a grocery list. Massive companies and insurance agencies are still … Continue reading

Cloud Computing for the Small Business

As cloud computing becomes the standard platform for management software, more small business owners are looking for answers regarding the security of information that is stored on the cloud. Many people view security of cloud-hosted systems as inferior and more … Continue reading

Our Culture is Part of Our Products’ Success

There is no denying it, I love working at QQSolutions.  Why?  Because team work reigns.  Because we are always celebrating something.  Because there is plenty of diversity.  Because people collaborate.  What’s more, managers are supportive; they encourage leadership and development … Continue reading

Rotten Reviews Can Save Your Business

Competition can be fierce. Nowhere is this truer than for the independent insurance agency. So, how can you stand out and become the agency of choice? Glad you asked!   There are several ways you can go about this. You … Continue reading

So, You decided to Go Paperless in Your Agency. Now what?

Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of insurance agents from all over the Country. They all find themselves in different places in the technology spectrum. Some agencies pride themselves in using the latest technology to … Continue reading

Making the Connection Between People and Technology

How Sun Insurance Services leverages technology to connect with customers. In May of last year, Sun Insurance Services achieved a company milestone: reaching their tenth anniversary. Located in Orlando, Florida, the personal and commercial lines insurance agency has more than a few … Continue reading

Reaching for Customer Service Inspiration

I have taped one of my favorite customer service quotes to my door at the office. It is from Lior Arussy’s book, Excellence Every Day: “When we feel the butterflies in our stomach, that’s a sign we are reaching toward excellence. … Continue reading

About the Customer Service Folks at QQSolutions

An introduction to the team that’s delivering the best support in the business!   At QQSolutions, our Customer Service team includes Product Support Reps (PSRs) and Customer Success Managers (CSMs). So, what’s a Customer Success Manager and how does he/she … Continue reading

On Customer Empathy

This week, I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on something I’m very passionate about: Customer Empathy.  So, in this post, I’ll explain why this is so central to QQSolutions’ success to date and strategy going forward. And, why … Continue reading

Happy 1st Birthday QQCatalyst®!

Over 520 Insurance Agencies Have Chosen QQCatalyst® in its First Year! Ease-of-Use and Patent-Pending Cloud-Based Design Lead Agents to Select it as Their Agency Management System Success breeds success. After less than one year, over 520 insurance agencies have now subscribed … Continue reading

Now You Can Build A Transformative Technology Strategy Around Your Agency Management System – QQCatalyst®

In early 2013, we released version 1 of QQCatalyst®, the revolutionary cloud-based agency management system for independent insurance agencies looking to move into the future. In developing QQCatalyst, our vision was to create not just a powerful and easy-to-use agency … Continue reading

The Customer Always Comes First? Wrong!

I expect my post this week will generate some controversy. Well, here goes… An old adage has it that the “customer comes first.” I say, that’s WRONG! I believe hiring great employees, equipping and training them well, and encouraging them … Continue reading

Bilingual Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Has your insurance agency considered bilingual marketing opportunities? In my post below, I’ll give you some ways your agency can expand its reach into a key demographic. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 37.6 million U.S. residents out of those … Continue reading