How to Make Your Agency’s Press Releases Stand Out

A press release can be a good tool for marketing your agency, but it must be done right. Learn how to achieve wider distribution for your releases.

Good press releases have been a solid marketing tool for ages now. When coupled with Internet distribution, they can be an effective way to get eyeballs on your agency’s website and gain mindshare from your potential customers.

However, your press release will have to compete with countless others for attention. All too often, insurance agencies and other businesses will use press releases as a soapbox to talk about standard services or product offerings. For a press release to be successful, it has to be newsworthy and compelling. Without an interesting edge, it won’t gain any traction.

Some examples of newsworthy content that your agency could use for press releases include:

  • Opening a new office location.
  • Winning an award or earning some industry distinction (e.g., a top 100 ranking).
  • Offering a new insurance product or service.
  • Entering into a new partnership.
  • Participating in or creating a case study or data project.
  • Organizing a community activity or charity event.

When working on a press release, always take the time to stop and ask whether the topic is interesting to anyone besides fellow employees or agency stakeholders. If not, you may want to reconsider writing the press release. By sticking to newsworthy subjects, you’ll be more likely to get more presence for the release and attract the right attention to your agency. And, you’ll save time and money by not focusing on trivial, non-newsworthy topics.

The Web has changed the rules for press releases. In his book, “The New Rules of Marketing & PR,” David Meerman Scott suggests that your press releases follow these new rules:

  • Write your releases to appeal directly to your buyers.
  • Write releases with keyword-rich copy (e.g., car insurance, homeowners insurance, umbrella insurance, business owners policy, etc.).
  • Place links in your releases to deliver potential customers to landing pages on your website.
  • Include offers that compel consumers to respond to your release in some way.
  • Add social media tags linking to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media pages.
  • Use an online service, such as PRWeb to distribute your release.

By using relevant subject matter, compelling calls-to-action, and online distribution, your press releases are sure to pack a punch!

About Michael Stebel, Chief Operating Officer

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