QQ Catalyst: Changing the Game in Agency Management

QQ Solutions has a truly innovative new insurance agency management system: QQ Catalyst. Read on to learn some key design features.

Since 1988, QQ Solutions’ goals have been geared toward making insurance agency management systems as easy-to-use as possible. If you take a look around the industry, most agency management systems use complex, cluttered user interfaces that are tough to learn and don’t adapt to the way users actually work. For our next generation innovation, we knew this had to change.

Our all-new QQ Catalyst agency management system will change the way you think about agency automation. Why “catalyst”? A catalyst is something that sparks a dramatic change – the epitome of this new system’s design philosophy and purpose. Not only is Catalyst fully featured, it also has a beautiful user interface and highly intuitive design for ease-of-use and optimal workflow. Additionally, Catalyst features on-page videos, in-line help, and tooltips integrated throughout to help users learn the system. Anyone in your office can learn Catalyst quickly and easily to become immediately productive.

Catalyst is changing the game in the insurance agency management. And to do it, Catalyst incorporates unique and innovative features to make agency management faster, easier, and more elegant than ever before, including:

No Installation – Catalyst is completely Web-based, which means there is no software to install or update! Since Catalyst runs on any device with a modern browser (e.g., Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, tablets, etc.), you can work securely anywhere. Even carrier downloads and ACORD forms work on your smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop!

QQ Catalyst Runs On Your iPad!

Intuitive User Experience – Catalyst has a visually engaging user interface. It incorporates cutting edge features that no other system has, such as file drag-and-drop, on-page videos, drag-and-drop dashboard widgets, persistent toolbars, visual cues, and more. Juggle multiple workflows, customers and policies easily and without error using the incredible Stack feature. We’ve put special attention into making this sexy interface easy to love and easy to use.

Make Better Decisions – See your business at a glance and focus on
 what’s most important with Catalyst’s amazing Dashboard. Customize your dashboard with social media feeds, X-dates, intent-to-cancel and renewal lists, graphs, interactive map, and other available widgets. Drag widgets around your dashboard to position them as you like. Catalyst will remember your dashboard layout and widget settings. And, going forward, we’ll be adding lots more of these great “mini-apps” to Catalyst’s library of widgets.

QQ Catalyst's Customizable Dashboard

Guided Workflows – Long training sessions and boring user manuals are a thing of the past. QQ Catalyst lets you move from novice to power-user in record time while still getting important agency work done! It’s all thanks to Catalyst’s built-in Guided Workflows, which walk you through each step of adding contacts, creating policies, and other processes. There are even on-page videos, in-line help, tooltips, and more. Catalyst has the lowest learning curve you’ve ever seen for an agency management system. And, with our available database conversions, you’ll have nothing to fear when migrating to Catalyst from your current system.

Guided Workflows Make Catalyst Easy to Learn, Easy to Use, While Following Best Practices

Welcome Interruptions – with Catalyst’s innovative Stack. Save what you’re working on and 
return later without skipping a beat! And, switch among all of your work-in-process
 without error. (Patent Pending)

QQ Catalyst's Stack Feature

Go Paperless in the Cloud – Save any type of file in Catalyst’s file manager with
 drag-and-drop ease. Associate files with contacts and policies. View them in a list, grid (shown below) or carousel.

QQ Catalyst's Cloud-Based File Manager

Work in Your Language – Switch instantly between English and Spanish. 
Catalyst remembers each user’s preferred language.

Hands down, QQ Catalyst offers you the easiest way to manage your agency with the most powerful tools to grow it. Of course, there are even more innovations that make it the best and most unique agency management system the industry has ever seen. Multiple pricing plans with no contracts or set-up fees make QQ Catalyst affordable for agencies of any size.

I’ll be writing more about Catalyst, its features and its powerful API in this blog. So, keep coming back.