A New Way to Think About Agency Management

QQ Catalyst is an innovative game changer for agencies using "traditional" agency management systems. This short walkthrough will go over some of Catalyst’s most unique innovations, which no other agency management system has. If this walkthrough piques your interest, contact us to get a mind-blowing live demo, and, see how Catalyst can take your insurance agency from good to great!

Feature-rich Dashboard

See your business at a glance with the amazing Dashboard. Customizable for each user with a library of widgets and drag and drop.

Guided Workflows

Get step-by-step guidance with tasks like creating a policy, adding a contact, building a report and much more.

Centralized Client Contact Management

Manage all customer and prospect communications and interactions from one centralized hub – in an office or on mobile devices.

Policy Management

Manage customer and prospect policies from one centralized hub – in an office or on mobile devices.

Digital File Management

Easily manage important documents in an intuitive way. Drag-and-drop files –images, PDFs, Word docs, and any other type of file – into Catalyst and automatically associate them with your customers, prospects, employees, carriers and any other contact type. With Catalyst's file management solution, keep your files secure and access them anywhere, anytime.

Multitask Safely With the Catalyst Stack

Catalyst's Stack allows users to handle frequent interruptions and manage their many tasks at once.*

* Patent Pending

Advanced financial capabilities

From creating invoices to accepting payments. Catalyst features financial reports, so you can watch your bottom line – and capitalize on opportunities to grow it.

Marketing Templates

Create customized letter & email templates to share with your entire agency. Templates can be used for person-to-person marketing or build distribution lists for wider marketing campaigns.

Intuitive Report Generator

In addition to our standard report library, you can create, save, and edit reports to view your data anyway you choose. Select the information you want to see, organized in the way you want to see it.

IVANS and Non-IVANs Carrier Downloads

Process downloads no matter where you are! Supports single and multiple office agencies.