The Key to Evolving Your Business

Increase revenue while saving time and money

Focus more on building your business, not just managing it.

With the portability of QQ Evolution 2, you can focus on making money any time and anywhere. By giving your employees the best agency management system on the market, they can focus on more productive, client oriented activities, making your customers first priority.

  • Cross-Selling reports help you discover sales opportunities by showing you clients who can purchase more lines of insurance.
  • Create professional looking marketing letters and emails you can send to your clients and prospects.
  • Our unique dashboard gets you timely important notes about your customers and policies.
  • Reduce E&O exposure, save time, and deliver better service to your clients with Carrier Downloads.

Organized, real-time data

Thinking and knowing are two different things.

Empower your agency with extensive, productivity boosting Real-Time solutions through QQ Evolution 2. Features such as Carrier Downloads imports your clients’ transactions directly from your participating insurance carriers. Renewals, endorsements, suspensions, pending cancellations, reinstatements, direct bill commissions and more are all added to your client files automatically.

Real-Time Inquiry is another feature in QQ Evolution 2 that allows you to view Policy Information, Billing Information, Claim inquiry, Make a Payment, and Website Login with the click of a button directly from within QQ Evolution 2. While visiting the website you have the ability to use all of the features available once you are automatically logged in. Real-Time is the wave of the future and QQ Solutions wants to provide your agency with the most accurate information, allowing you to stay organized and rise above your competition.

Growing number of standard features you can count on:


Choose the package of features that best meets the specific needs of your agency.

X-Date Tracking

Set X-Dates on insured and also on additional contacts. This is a great tool for marketing.

Multiple Agency Commissions

Flexible commission structures can be established for each insurance company. Base commission on Rules, Tiers, or per coverage for the LOB.


Unique Dashboard presents timely and important client information, policies of interest, x-date reminders, messages, search and much more to improve workflow.

Advanced Reporting

Comprehensive report library, including Cross-Selling, and the ability to create and save custom report templates.

Integration with Comparative Raters

Seamless integration that eliminates the need to re-enter client info with QQ WebRater, SEMCAT, FSC, PL Rating, ASC200 and more.

Training & Support

Unlimited access to webinar based training. Telephone and online support are also available.

Policy Management

Store multiple policies for each client. Track client renewals & policy reports. Maintain detailed policy information for multiple lines, including auto, homeowners, commercial auto & general liability.

Industry Leading Features:

  • Claims Management
  • Inter/intra-office messaging
  • Shared calendars
  • Task management
  • Digital file management
  • Drag and drop
  • Scheduled reporting