Our comparative rater – QQ WebRater – is a 100% Web-based online auto insurance comparative rater that requires no software installation or maintenance and runs from your PC or Mac Web browser wherever you have a broadband Internet connection. QQ WebRater quotes up to 6 cars and 6 drivers, provides real-time rates, pulls MVRs, binds policies, bridges to carriers and seamlessly integrates with our QQ Catalyst and QQ Evolution 2 agency management systems.

Add real-time consumer comparative rating to your website

QQ WebRater Platinum edition includes QQ WebAgent, a consumer portal that adds real-time auto insurance quoting to your agency’s website along with lead distribution and management through the QQ Marketing Dashboard. Unlike most insurance quote forms that look the same on every agency’s website and can be confusing to the shopper, QQ WebAgent provides a compelling, easy-to-use interface. Consumers can even choose their preferred language—English or Spanish. And, QQ WebAgent is completely customizable, allowing you to control how the QQ WebAgent user interface appears on your website - including branding. So you can select the design “skin” of your comparative rater, as well as input questions, default values, quote results displays, and much more.

Provide the best auto insurance options to your customers – fast!

Time is money! You need a comparative rater that will provide quotes quickly and effortlessly to keep production rates up and allow you to respond to your customers promptly. QQ WebRater offers an easy-to-use workflow for personal auto quoting. With a single-entry screen, QQ WebRater makes it easy for you to collect the necessary information and quote. Go from data entry to quoting to bridging to your carrier in a few short steps.

The comparative rater with more standard features than you can shake a stick at:

Entirely Web-based

Never worry about downloading software. Run QQ WebRater on any PC or Mac with Internet access.

Online Account Management

Set up and maintain individual user logins/permissions anywhere you have Internet access.

Online training webinars

Access videos, webinars and user manuals 24/7/365 from our website.

Pulls MVRs

Provides point-of-service collection of MVR fees from insured by credit card, EFT, cash, or check.

Real-time comparative rating

100% Web-based means real-time comparative rating with no updates! You're always up-to-date every time you log in.

Bridging & One-Step Binding

Bridge all the details of the quote to your carrier with no data entry required. Saving you time and money!

Industry Leading Features:

  • Single entry screen
  • Save and retrieve quotes
  • Email Comparison Screen
  • Address verification
  • Print documents
  • No setup fees and no long-term commitment
  • Pro-Rata Wheel
  • QQ WebAgent™
  • QQ Marketing Dashboard™
  • Quote up to 6 cars and 6 drivers
  • Reports in PDF and Excel format
  • Interoperability with QQ Catalyst and QQ Evolution 2

QQ Solutions doesn’t just support the best comparative rater around. We also offer the revolutionary QQ Catalyst agency management system.To learn more about how your agency can benefit from either our comparative rater or our agency management systems, please contact us to schedule a product tour.