Web-Based Auto Comparative Rating

QQ WebRater offers solutions for independent insurance agents who want an affordable, easy-to-use online personal auto comparative rating system. In less than 40 seconds, QQ WebRater provides all the information needed to compare quotes from multiple carriers. Users can bridge to the carrier to complete the sale or even bind the policy directly from the rater! Plus, pull MVRs!

Below, we’ll take you on a tour of QQ WebRater so you can see many of its features in action and how easy they are to use. If you have any questions about QQ WebRater, or if you would like a more in-depth tour, please contact us and we’ll assist you as soon as possible.

Login Screen

Accessing QQ WebRater is easily done by going to www.QQWebRater.com and entering your login credentials.

Select Your Office

If you have multiple office, you can select which office you would like to log in to.

QQ WebRater Entry Screen

One screen to enter all of your driver, vehicle, and coverage information. You have the ability to quote up to 6 drivers and 6 vehicles.

QQ WebRater Quote Counter

The counter tracks how many quotes you have done for the month.

Real-Time Rating

Select which of your Real-Time Rating carriers you would like to receive rates from, if you do not want to rate them all.

Additional Client Information

Enter the additional information required by some insurance companies in one convenient screen.

QQ WebRater Comparison Screen

View all of the rates you receive from your carriers. You can email and print this screen. At a quick glance you can see which carrier’s rates have been verified by the green check mark next to the carrier.

QQ WebRater Breakdown Screen

This screen shows all of the coverages broken down by vehicle with rates.

QQ WebRater Pay Plan Screen

You can select from numerous pay plans, choose the plan that best fits your customers' needs.

QQ WebRater Finance Screen

You can enter the needed information for financing the policy.

QQ WebRater Driver Screen

Enter any additional information needed for the customer such as employer.

QQ WebRater Vehicle Screen

The vehicle(s) VIN number and mileage. You can also add a Leinholder to the policy.

QQ WebRater Policy Screen

Answer any additional questions needed to finish the policy.

QQ WebRater Bridge Screen

Send the policy to the insurance company’s website via Bridging.

Binding Screen

Send the policy to the insurance company’s website via Bridging.

Binding Successful Screen

Once the policy is bound you can print the application.