Web-Based Auto Comparative Rating

QQWebRater offers affordable, easy-to-use online personal auto comparative rating. In less than 40 seconds, QQWebRater provides all the information needed to compare quotes from multiple carriers.

Single-Entry Screen

One screen to enter all of your driver, vehicle, and coverage information. You have the ability to quote up to 6 drivers and 6 vehicles.

Real-Time Rating

Select which of your real-time rating carriers you would like to receive rates from, if you do not want to rate them all.

Comparison Screen

View all of the rates you receive from your carriers. You can email and print this screen. At a quick glance you can see which carrier’s rates have been verified by the green check mark next to the carrier.

Bridge and Bind Successfully

Send the policy to the insurance company’s website via Bridging. Once the policy is bound you can print the application.

Meet Your Customers Online

QQWebAgent is a consumer portal that adds real-time auto insurance quoting to your agency’s website.

Guided Steps

Right away, QQWebAgent collects important details that are necessary for your agency to follow up with the consumer.

Customize Driver and Vehicle Questions

Configure input questions, default values, quote results and much more.

Real-Time Carrier Quotes

By adding real-time quoting to an agency website, QQWebAgent enables the agency’s website to produce for them 24/7/365.

Marketing Dashboard

The QQMarketing Dashboard is easy to use and manage. Each user can set which available columns to view on the dashboard, adjust the size of the columns and change the size of the leads table.

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