Carrier Downloads

View information about selected policies without the need to log in to the company website and search for customers and their policy.

Carrier Downloads are available in QQ Evolution 2 Silver, Gold and Platinum editions and works seamlessly with the QQ Evolution 2 agency management system to download and import your clients’ transactions from participating insurance carriers. Renewals, endorsements, suspensions, pending cancellations, reinstatements and more are all added to your client files automatically. Carrier Downloads offer both manual and automatic modes as well as detailed reporting. Carrier Downloads connect to the IVANS network to download transactions as well as importing transactions directly from files received from carriers’ individual websites. This feature requires additional activation, so contact your representative today!

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces opening incoming mail from insurance companies.
  • Helps eliminate filing of daily mail (e.g., endorsements, new policies, cancellations, etc.).
  • Eliminate your staff’s processing backlog.
  • Your staff will not need to rekey data, thus, eliminating the chance for manual input errors and reducing your E&O exposure.
  • The information in your system will be current and will match the policy detail in the carrier’s system.
  • Enables you to realize the workflow objective of relying on the agency management system as the primary source of information when communicating with your customer.
  • Your agency can focus on service and sales, not data entry.
  • And, when implemented with all your carriers Carrier Downloads will eliminate paper processing.

Supported Carriers

The following insurance carriers currently participate in IVANS, Connective Technology or allow transaction downloads directly from their website. Please verify with your sales representative if the carrier is certified for downloads with QQ Solutions. If there is a carrier not shown in the list or not certified with QQ Solutions, you will need to contact the carrier to request they start the download certification process.

* Certified for direct bill commission statement download

  A Central
  Keystone National
  AAA Michigan
  Kingsway America
  AAA Missouri
  AAA of NE
  Le Mars Mutual
  Legacy Insurance
  ACCC General Agency
  Access Insurance
  Liberty Mutual*
  Accident Fund
  Liberty Northewest
  ACE (fka Atlantic Mutual)
  Lititz Mutual Insurance
  Loudoun Mutual
  Agency Ins. of Maryland
  Madison Mutual*
  Main Street America
  Alfa Alliance
  Maine Employers Mutual
  Allegany Co-op
  Allied Group*
  Marysville Mutual
  Members Insurance
  America First Insurance
  American Collectors
  American Independent
  Merchants Insurance*
  American Interstate
  Mercury Insurance Companies
  American Modern Insurance
  American Reliable (Assurant)
  Metlife Insurance
  American Strategic Ins (ASI)
  Michigan Construction Industry
  American Underwriters
  Michigan Insurance
  Anchor General Insurance
  Michigan Millers
  Andover / Merrimack Mutual
  Mid-Continent Group
  Ansur America
  Arbella Insurance Group
  Middlesex Mutual
  Argonaut Great Central
  Midwest Family
  Assurance America
  Millers First
  Millville Insurance
  Atlas General Agency
  MMG Insurance
  Austin Mutual
  Auto Club Insurance Association
  Montgomery Insurance
  Auto Club of Michigan
  Motorists Mutual*
  Auto Club of Missouri
  Mutual Benefit*
  Auto Club South
  Mutual of Enumclaw
  Auto Owners*
  National Farmers Union
  Automobile Club of Southern CA
  National Flood Service*
  Badger Mutual
  National Grange
  Nationwide Commercial Lines*
  Barnstable County Mutual
  Barton Mutual
  New Jersey Skylands
  Bear River Mutual
  New London County
  Berkley Corp*
  New York Central Mutual
  Berkley Corp Preferred Employers*
  Norfolk & Dedham
  Berkley Mid-Atlantic Group
  North Carolina Joint Underwriters
  North Star Mutual
  Brethren Mutual
  Northern Neck Insurance*
  Bristol West
  Ohio Casualty Group
  Buckeye State Mutual
  Ohio Mutual
  California Mutual
  Old Dominion
  California State Auto
  One Beacon
  Cameron Insurance
  Oregon Mutual*
  Cameron Mutual Ins Co
  Orion Auto
  Capital Insurance Group
  Pacific Specialty
  Capitol Preferred
  Casco Indemnity
  Palisades (STG)
  Partners Mutual
  Celina Ins. Group
  Patriot Mutual*
  Central Mutual
  Patrons Mutual Ins
  CFM Insurance
  Peerless Insurance
  Pekin Insurance
  Church Mutual
  Cincinnati Equitable
  Peninsula Insurance
  Cincinnati Insurance
  Penn National
  Permanent General
  CNA Insurance
  Philadelphia Contributionship
  Colorado Casualty
  Phoenix Indemnity
  Columbia Ins. Group
  Pinnacol Assurance
  Columbia Insurance Group
  Pioneer State Mutual
  Commerce Insurance
  Plymouth Rock
  Commerce West
  Plymouth Rock (STG)
  Concord General Mutual Ins.*
  Preferred Mutual
  Constitutional Casualty
  Preserver Group
  Consumers Insurance
  Proformance Insurance
  Continental Western
  Contractors Bonding
  Providence Mutual Fire
  Cooperative Insurance
  Quincy Mutual
  Cornerstone National Insurance Companies
  Reamstown Insurance
  CSE Insurance Group
  Rockford Mutual
  Cumberland Insurance
  Rockingham Mutual Insurance Company
  Dairyland Insurance
  Safe Harbor/Cabrillo
  Direct Response
  Safety Insurance
  Donegal Mutual Insurance Company
  Safeway Insurance Company
  Sagamore Insurance
  Drive insurance
  Secura Ins*
  EDS Specialty
  Security First
  Security Mutual
  EMC Insurance
  Selective Insurance
  Encompass Insurance
  Seminole Casualty
  Equity Insurance Co
  Erie & Niagara Insurance
  Sheboygan Falls
  Erie Indemity
  Southern Fidelity
  Everest Security
  Southern Guaranty
  Explorer Insurance
  Southern Heritage
  Fairmont Farmers Mutual
  Southern Mutual
  Fairmont Specialty Group
  Southern Trust
  Farmers Alliance
  Farmers Mutual
  St. Johns Insurance
  Farmers of Salem
  Standard Mutual
  Federated National
  Star Casualty
  Fidelity National Insurance*
  State Auto
  Fireman's Fund Insurance Co
  First American
  Sublimity Ins.
  Florida Family
  Sunshine State
  Florida Peninsula
  Texas Mutual
  Foremost Insurance
  The Hartford
  Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company
  The Select Companies
  Franklin Mutual
  Frederick Mutual
  Tim Parkman Insurance
  Fremont Insurance
  Torrent Technologies
  Frontline Insurance*
  Tower Hill
  Gainsco Insurance
  Tower Hill Group*
  General Casualty
  Tower Hill Insurance
  GeoVera Holdings
  German Mutual Insurance
  Germania Insurance
  Tuscarora Wayne
  GMAC Insurance
  Umialik Insurance
  Golden Eagle Insurance
  Goodville Insurance
  Union Mutual Fire
  Grange Insurance
  Union Standard
  Great American
  United Auto Insurance
  Great Lakes
  United Fire & Casualty
  Great Northwest Insurance Company
  United Heritage
  United Property & Casualty*
  Grinnell Mutual
  Unitrin Speciality Lines
  Upland Mutual
  Gulfstream Property & Casualty Insurance Co
  Utica First
  Hagerty Insurance
  Utica National
  Hallmark Insurance Company
  Vermont Mutual
  Hanover Insurance Group
  Victoria Ins. Group
  Harleysville Insurance*
  Victoria Mutual
  Hartford Insurance
  Viking Insurance
  Hastings Mutual*
  Vision Ins
  Haulers Insurance
  Wayne Mutual
  Hawkeye-Security Insurance
  West Bend Mutual Ins
  Hingham Mutual
  Western General*
  Hochheim Prairie
  Western National
  Imperial Fire & Casualty
  Western Reserve
  IMT Group*
  Western Reserve
  Indiana Farmers
  Western United Insurance
  Injured Workers Ins. Fund of MD
  Westfield Insurance
  Insurance Company of the West
  Wilson Mutual*
  Insurance House
  Wisconsin American
  InsureMax Insurance
  Wisconsin Mutual
  Integrity Insurance
  Wolverine Mutual Ins
  Iowa Mutual
  Woodville Mutual
  Island Insurance
  Workmen's Auto Insurance
  ZC Sterling
  Kemper Preferred
  Kentucky National