What is Real-Time Rating?

We want to increase productivity within your Agency! So, in order to achieve that goal, QQ Solutions has partnered with several insurance companies and getrealtime.org, to bring the power of Real-Time Rating to our comparative rating software. Real-Time Rating is a seamless connection from QQ WebRater to the insurance carriers' quoting systems. This feature displays Real-Time Rates directly from the insurance carriers within QQ WebRater, saving you valuable time and resources gathering the information you need.

Real-Time Rating The QQ Solutions Way!

The Real-Time Rating feature allows you to quote an existing client or a potential client with just a few easy steps in the auto rating software program. The goal is to provide Real-Time rates from the insurance companies that are accurate and Real-Time. The rate comes directly from the insurance company and allows you to view that rate side-by-side with all the other companies on the rater. This makes Real-Time Rating one of the most efficient and fastest ways to obtain a car insurance quote and compare them with the other companies you offer to your clients. Real-Time Rating is the wave of the future and QQ Solutions wants to provide your agency with the most accurate information, allowing you to rise above your competition. Now available in Florida, Texas and Georgia.

Benefits of Real-Time Rating With QQ Solutions

  • Reduces the amount of time you spend obtaining an auto quote for existing and potential clientele
  • Rates are Real-Time
  • Save time and money by entering information once with side-by-side comparisons.
  • Bridge and bind your policies directly from within QQ WebRater.
  • Reduces Quoting Errors.

Visit getrealtime.org to get more information on Real-Time Rating.