Online Marketing Tips to Grow Your Book of Business in 2016

Nearly every one of your prospects, regardless of age, is already on a social media channel like Facebook or LinkedIn. These days, 72% of adults are using social networking sites. These users are also likely engaging with brands on these sites as well, with more than half of all Facebook users following at least one brand. Getting online followers is important to growing your referrals because 56% of social media users are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook. Considering the fact that the average user has 338 friends, you can reach a lot of new prospects if you have the right online strategy. Here are a few tips to improve your online marketing:

Social Media

Did you know 47% of social media users in the US say Facebook has the greatest impact on their purchasing behavior? Social media is more important than ever to win new business. So it is important to make sure your social media content has content your prospects care about.

Tip: Show some personality

Prospective clients want to see the human side of your business and don’t want to see generic company posts. Social media websites provide the perfect platform for your agency to show some personality.

Some content ideas include: inspirational quotes, photos and bios of the staff, links to your blog, testimonials, local news stories, safety and coverage tips. Be creative!

Update your Website

Even though social media is important for reaching potential clients, it’s important to remember your website is what prospects use to judge you before they call. 81% of buyers ultimately judge a business based on an examination of its website.

Tip: Keep it simple

According to a Corporate Executive Board study, the key to an effective website is simplicity. Consumers are more likely to do business with you if your website is easy to use and establishes credibility.

Marketing Automation

According to a 2014 Aite study, the fastest growing agencies in the insurance industry attributed most of their success to their increasing marketing efforts.

You can ramp up your own marketing efforts with the help of an Automated Management System. An AMS can store all the important information relating to your clients that make personalized marketing a breeze.

Tip: Be more personal

You can use your AMS to automatically reach out on important dates such as birthdays, holidays, and upcoming policy deadlines. Schedule marketing campaigns to cross-sell current customers or check in with previous clients.

Stay Ahead with QQCatalyst

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