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After you have chosen an agency management, the most important step after that is conversion, the process of converting your data from one vendor to another.  With over 20 years of experience, we have a team of experts that will ensure all of your valuable data is safely moved to the new AMS.

To give you a better understanding, let’s examine the conversion process.

arrows1. Assessment
The first step is to analyze your current data and create a plan to migrate everything. We will construct an SOW (Scope of Work) document outlining exactly what QQ will do and how long it will take. Once you have reviewed and accepted the SOW, you will request the data backup from your current AMS provider.

2. Analysis and Sampling
Once we’ve received the data we will convert a small portion as a test batch, which will be presented to you to ensure accuracy. Once approved, we will convert the rest of the data. Additionally, prior to total conversion, we will review all of the data and clean up any problems areas before we begin. 

3. After the Conversion is Completed
Once the data conversion is complete, you will need to make some final steps to ensure business can continue, as usual. The first step is to verify the IVANS setup and notify them of your new software. This process extends to your carriers. You should also contact them to let them know which agency management system you are now using. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page is the best way to create a smooth transition now that the new system is ready to go.

Learn more about QQCatalyst, our cloud-based agency management system.

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