What is Real-Time?

Real-Time quoting and inquiry is a seamless connection between your QQ Solutions products and the insurance company’s data systems, allowing you the ability to obtain or view information directly from the insurance carrier. Many insurance companies participate in this program and recognize your need for efficiency within the office. So we have developed several solutions that revolve around helping your office to become more productive.

What Real-Time Solutions Are Available?

  • QQ WebRater Real-Time Rating: This feature allows you to get real-time auto quotes from several insurance companies directly through QQ WebRater.
  • QQ Evolution 2 Real-Time Inquiry: This feature allows you access the insurance carrier website directly from your QQ Evolution 2 Agency Management System. The following inquiries are available in the latest version of our software:
    • Policy Inquiry
    • Billing Inquiry
    • Claims Inquiry
    • Website Logon
    • Payment Posting
    • Endorsement Bridge
  • Carrier Downloads: Brings information from the insurance carrier directly to your QQ Evolution 2 Agency Management System. The following information downloads directly into your QQ Evolution 2 Software*:
    • Client Information: Name and Address
    • ACORD® form information
    • Policy Information: Line of Business, Coverage, Company, and Premium Information
    • Click here to view Download Carriers

Our Partnerships

Through our partnerships with IVANS®, getrealtime.org, and several insurance carriers, QQ Solutions supports the Real-Time initiative that empowers agencies to become more productive. For more information on the Real-Time initiative please visit www.getrealtime.org.