Tips to Stand Out on Social: Twitter

Twitter only gives you 140 characters to express something. For some people that comes easy, but for others it’s suffocating. There’s no limit to how many “tweets” you can send out, but with how many fly by each hour of the day, it’s safe to say that each one counts.

Today we’ll look at five tips for standing out on Twitter that are guaranteed to put your agency and its agents on the map. Let’s take a look!

5 Ways to Stand Out on Twitter

On average, Twitter sees roughly 500 million tweets per day. That’s an incredible amount of messages. How does one stay relevant in that rushing tide? These five tips will help you do just that:

1. Promote Others

You’re probably wondering how helping out someone else is going to benefit you, but it does. Twitter thrives on the old adage “if you want to get noticed, notice others.” By retweeting others and commenting on their content, you will in turn earn retweets of your own. The key here is not to retweet everything and anything though. You should instead focus on other people in your industry or other professionals.

2. Stay Consistent

Once you set a rhythm to your tweets, people will take notice. If you suddenly drop off the face of the Earth, they won’t trust you in the future to continue tweeting useful information for them. There are a variety of free scheduling tools that can be used to write your tweets in advance and have them release throughout the day.

3. Stay Focused on Your Industry

You can’t build a brand if you’re tweeting about everything that comes to mind. Instead, focus on your industry. In this case, that’s insurance. Tweet about new developments, agency management systems, and things that people in your industry would appreciate. This builds a face to the name.

4. Be Creative and Have Fun

Tweets can’t be boring, they need to be creative and fun for readers to feel that need to retweet. Think of your Twitter as a micro-blog. For every few serious and stoic tweets, mix it up with a funny picture of an insurance joke.

5. Stay On Top of Developments

Twitter moves at a lightning pace. If someone tweets to you or asks a question, make sure you’re ready to reply as quickly as possible. Otherwise your response may get lost in the tide.

Ultimately, Twitter is a place that gives respect when it gets respect. You can follow others and they can follow you. The same goes for retweets and mentions, all of which empower you to notice others in your industry so they in turn can notice and support you. It’s also a powerful platform for cross-promotion for this same reason.

Get out there and make yourself known with these Twitter tips!